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Wed, 10-10-2012 - 3:05am

So after my rant yesterday regarding military hospitals, I have calmed down.  Some. 

I called again yesterday afternoon and was finally able to schedule my big u/s.  It's set for Oct. 30th at 1pm which is exactly 20 weeks for me. 

Now here's the part where I get mad again.  My friend messaged me last night and told me that the hospital finally opened up the calendar so we could schedule our ultrasounds.  She is 3 days behind me in her pregnancy.  I was specifically told by the radiology department that I had to be 20 weeks.  Yet her u/s is set for the 25th, when she is 19 weeks.  I'm not mad at her, I'm happy for her.  But I'm angry that the hospital didn't tell me that I could get an earlier appointment or that I could have my u/s before I was 20 weeks.  I know it's just another week but you ladies know how hard the waiting is :-(

Not liking military hospitals right now.

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Wed, 10-10-2012 - 8:41am

(((Hugs)))  Yay for getting your u/s scheduled! 

BTW, I'd be a little upset at the hospital, too.  That's wasn't very fair.  They were probably thinking you and friend didn't know each other (so you'd never find out about someone getting an u/s at 19 weeks), or maybe there was a different staff member when you called?  Sorry, just thinking out loud.  :smileyhappy:

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Wed, 10-10-2012 - 1:29pm
hey there...dont' worry about it!

I'm in the UK, so I don't know what a 'big u/s' is in the US, but if you're referring to the second level u/s where they measure the anatomy of the baby, then you have to be 20-22 weeks to do probably measurements are not as good at week 19....

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