Home Treatment for Natural Beauty with Sea Buckthorn Oils

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Home Treatment for Natural Beauty with Sea Buckthorn Oils
Wed, 10-10-2012 - 4:18pm


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I recently heard the famous Doctor with the afternoon TV show talking about skincare and recommend sea buckthorn oil which is a natural plant extract, for natural beauty. Having used the same inefficient home treatment for skin care, I was instantly intrigued and since I tried this cosmetics free product called Swell Skin sea buckthorn and I have never, ever had better skin then I have now. 

Traditional uses of Sea Buckthorn oils promote the recuperation of skin injuries and support the healing of skin diseases so if you have acne, dermatitis or just sunburn, you will be amazed by the results provided by Swell Skin.

As a natural remedy, it is assumed that the plant was actually created by an ancient Tibetan plant breeder and his wonders are referred in thirty chapters of The Sibu Yidian, the Classic Tibetan medical book.

Never again will I use harsh prescriptions for my skin problems.  Swell Skin cleared up my eczema.  It even cleared up (yuk) that nasty toe fungus I picked up at a salon while getting a pedicure. 

To learn more about the sea buckthorn swell skin products go to SwellSkin.net