Wednesday's Update - October 10

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Wednesday's Update - October 10
Wed, 10-10-2012 - 4:45pm

In his office, Michael tells Kevin to start talkin'. Kevin says whatever information he thinks he has, it's bogus. Michael says it's from Chloe. Michael warns Kevin he might end up prosecuting him and asks him to tell all - now. Kevin tells him to go to hell. Michael warns the truth is going to come out. Kevin says he went to talk to Phyllis about the website and there was a dead guy on the floor. Michael gets it all down and asks why Kevin went to this trouble for Phyllis. Kevin wonders if Michael's been D.A. so long he's forgotten she's his best friend - he did what he thought was right. Michael says it's best the truth came out. Kevin shouts that he put him in a small space until he did what he wanted - he's just like Tom!

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