Front-heeled shoes - Scary Beautiful or Reality Check?

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Front-heeled shoes - Scary Beautiful or Reality Check?
Thu, 10-11-2012 - 2:11am

Of all the things I manage to run across when I should be sleeping, I have to find this! Insomnia may have had be surfing the web out of boredom but these front heel shoes are going to be responsible for any nightmares I'm probably going to have when I do fall asleep! LOL

The shoes are beyond weird, but what's even scarier is the video of the model walking in them. Reminds me of the way I walk when my sciatica kicks in... :smileyembarrassed:

But seriously; these shoes are part of an exhibit called Scary Beautiful. The “front-heeled” shoes are the product of a collaboration between artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg. As they tell it, the vertigo-enticing footwear serves as a commentary on our standards of physical beauty:

"Humans are playing God by physically and metaphorically perfecting themselves. Beauty is currently at an all-time climax, allowing this project to explore what lies beyond perfection. Scary Beautiful challenges current beauty ideals by inflicting an unexpected new beauty standard."

If they're trying to imply that the reach for "perfect beauty" can ultimately get way out of hand and become distorted to a ridiculous level, I think they've proved their point! I score them as a reality check... we need to get real with what we're actually willing to do to ourselves in the name of beauty.

What do you think?