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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 7:48am
I woke up with a mini anxiety attack this morning. My DH travels and he's out of town right now. The anxiety seems to have come out of nowhere and it's related to missing him.

Anyone else experiencing anxiety this soon?

I did download some relaxation sessions on my phone and I am working on deep breathing and positive thoughts. Anything else that might help?
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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 10:59pm
Oh, I hate anxiety like this. My husband and I have had to go long stints without seeing each other before - months or more due to work. I had some times when I'd get worked up about it.

I'd usually avoid them though with a regular exercise routine, a small stipend of really delicious chocolate to indulge in, and time out with friends. But those were just what worked for me. You've gotta do stuff you enjoy that gets your mind off it and remind you that things are good.
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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 11:28am
I've been having alot of anxiety about my other kids. I've always been a worrier, but it's gotten insane since I found out I was pregnant (actually before I found out). My husband says I'm driving him crazy with what are probably nonsense worries, but I honestly can't seem to stop it. My husband has to be gone for his work several times a month, usually one or two nights away, and that seems to make me even more anxious. I'd love to offer up some tips on making it better, but I have no idea what to do!
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