Unscheduled OB visit

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Unscheduled OB visit
Thu, 10-11-2012 - 9:09am

I was having some frequent BH contractions since the weekend and lots of pelvic pressure and pain, but no spotting.  I decided to get checked out just in case though my next appointment wasn't until next week.  I've been nervous because I've got a lot of committments this weekend (including walking pets) and next week with my DD's birthday, and didn't want any surprises that could cause a lot of stress and chaos.  I've been on my feet a lot and will be all next week, so that stressed me out too.  The nurse practitioner checked me and also administered my Group B Strep test this week, but not NST until next week.  She said the contractions have not been productive and cervix is still closed, which is a relief right now because I was worried about baby arriving before his big sister's birthday party next week.  We have a lot of kids and families coming and ordered a cake for the occasion, etc.  I didn't want to go into labor too early and ruin her big birthday party day.  She's so excited!  Plus, I would like him to at least hold off until 37 weeks so he'll be full term.  His big sis was an early bird at 38.5 weeks, but still healthy and full term.  That was an indicator of her future personality.  She is always early to rise, as well.  lol...  Anyway, she could feel his head way down low though and said it was pushed up against my bladder probably causing the pain and discomfort in the pelvis, which I assumed was the case.  I'm just glad that he'll probably be able to stay in there for a while longer and that the contractions are nothing too worrisome, just uncomfortable.

My belly was measuring ahead at my last visit and this time it was measuring spot on for me at 35.5 weeks.  So that's good news as well.  I was afraid he'd be huge at birth.  I think he's just long though.  We shall see!  

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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 9:44am
Glad things are looking stable!! Here's hoping you get SOME time off of your feet. I know it is much easier said than done. We're having the same busy problems here!

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