Fall Decorating, Anyone?

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Fall Decorating, Anyone?
Thu, 10-11-2012 - 4:14pm

Any of you ladies decorate your homes for the fall?

I love to decorate for the fall - it's the beginning of the holiday season! I was really upset because I usually decorate on the very first day of October, but with the new baby and going back to work - it just did not happen this time around. 

My four-year-old and I finally got around to it today! Yay! Now I feel much more in a festive mood :smileyhappy:

I have ceramic pumpkins all over the place! lol

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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 4:54pm

I was just thinking about this today! Ha ha. In our old apartment I used to decorate the mantle over the fireplace for fall and winter, but there's no fireplace in this apartment :smileysad: I was thinking of getting a wreath for the front door, but that's about all the decorating I'll be doing this fall. Maybe I'll bust out some nice fall candles (I'm a candle hoarder, I LOVE scented candles) but I worry that it's not so good for the baby to be breathing in, all those synthetic fragrances and wick smoke.

I can't wait for Christmas! November 1st I start listening to Christmas carols and we'll dig out the tree around mid-November :smileyhappy: Fall doesn't last long around here :smileytongue: