"20 week" U/S & Team...

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"20 week" U/S & Team...
Thu, 10-11-2012 - 7:23pm

I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and the ultrasound place I visit does the 20-week scan at 18 weeks.  This was perfect for us as DH is leaving for training this weekend and will be away for 2 months.  This was also the 1st u/s he's gotten to see.

That being said, baby is healthy and we are officially Team BLUE! :-)

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congrats on a healthy baby BOY!


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Congrats! Glad DH could be there.
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Yay for team blue! Congratulations! My January EC is mostly team blue. Have you started shopping yet? The day we found out, we bought a green camo onsie, but we haven't bought anything else yet.

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YAY for team blue!! I am so glad your DH got to go to the U/S with you, the men seem to enjoy seeing the baby just as much as we do.

Boys are so sweet! I have found myself loving some of the boy cloths a whole lot more than the girl cloths because most girl things are just an over load of pinks and frills.

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Congrats Becca! I'm glad you got to see your U/S before DH left. Yay for team blue.