Advices on getting pregnant after stillbirth

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Advices on getting pregnant after stillbirth
Fri, 10-12-2012 - 5:06am
I have recently delivered a stillbirth baby last month at 35weeks. I did not have any issues at all during the whole pregnancy cycle. Everything seem ok and doctor could not tell why my baby heartbeat just stopped. I was being schedule for a blood test next week to check for APS. My husband and I feel we should start trying again as soon as we are ready. Before this, I have had miscarriage problem last year at 7weeks. We have been seeing the same gynea for both pregnancy...wondering if we should start fresh with another one. I did visited another gynea at a different hospital last few weeks to seek for some advice. Wonder if any of you guys out there still go back to the same doc for subsequent pregnancy. I am still having fear and nervous being at the same place I failed twice. Please advice......