Discouraged. How to gauge freezer supply

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Discouraged. How to gauge freezer supply
Fri, 10-12-2012 - 7:26am
Hi, my little guy will be 6 months next week and miraculously i have hung in with pumping. We started solids at around 4.5 months bc hes such a ravenous eater i thought it might help tide him over. He loves it but it hasnt changed his milk intake yet (28 oz per day plus about 5the oz solids).

I have 1600oz or so frozen. Anyone know how to estimate how long a supply lasts? Ive read they take less milk at 8-9the months but is there some trick to it or formula or is every baby different and he might stick to 28 or so through to a year? Hoping to be able to stop soon but carry him through on at least half/mostly bm to a year. Pumping while hes awake and im alone with him is often torture for us both. Thanks!