Friday/Weekend Thread

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Friday/Weekend Thread
Fri, 10-12-2012 - 8:38am

Happy Friday Ladies!!  Any big plans for the weekend?


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Sat, 10-13-2012 - 3:12pm

Friday was crazy.  Tim had a nasty headache and ended up home most of the day.  Went in to work for a few hours late in the day.  Natalie had headache issues also, I took her meds for the school nurse to keep so she could come in for it as needed.  I went to find a gift Matthew wanted to give a friend for his birthday.  It was a hit apparently.  Took Matthew to meet said friend to give him his gift and we were home the rest of the night.  After dinner I took a shower and put my pjs on early.  That was nice to do since I never get to get in my pjs early on Friday nights due to football games.  

Today we had a team party for my volleyball team.  Took them bowling and they seem to be having a good time.  Happy to see each other again.  Gave them some gifts and soemthing special to the 6 girls who played tournaments without any subs.  That was the first time they ever played without any subs.  I felt they deserved something special.

In a bit we are going to have family pics made downtown.  It's been a while since we had any made.  Looking forward to it.

Sunday, nothing planned for it right now.  Cleaning up the house.  I need to clean the carpets, not sure I will save that for Monday or do that next week.  

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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 6:44pm

Hi all.  Busy Friday at work. Our teacher was absent, one of the other TA's covered and things ran pretty smoothly.  One boy in our class fell at recess and may have fractured a rib :smileysad:  We got out of work/school 15 minutes early today.

Kayleigh had a regular school day and is hanging out at home taking care of homework tonight, same for Ian.

Tomorrow, Ian will be away all day 6 am to 6pm on a deep sea fishing trip with scouts. Kayleigh will be cycling in the morning and probably seeing a movie with friends in the evening.  I'll spend the day cleaning

Sunday, Ian has homework and chores in the morning, a scout meeting/project session in the aftenroon. Kayleigh is competing in a cycling event, then of course there will be the victory ice cream and hopefully just realaxing the rest of the day


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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 2:02pm
Hi all. Worked this morning and the kids were soooo fun! It's an older group so we can play games, sort, work on colors, etc.

This afternoon I plan to get some laundry done, do another batch of cake pops, and tidy the main level of the house. Tonight the kids are both headed to the homecoming game and dh and I have the night to ourselves. We haven't decided if we want to go to the parent's tailgate or use a gift cetificate from my parents and go out to dinner.

Saturday Megan and I are headed to WI for a riding lesson, dinner with my grandfather, and some time with my parents. Evan and Manuel will stay home because Saturday night is Homecoming. I'm sad I will miss it but we already rescheduled with my grandfather once. They've got quite the evening planned... Excessive in my opinion but there is a group of 20 kids and being a lone voice against 9 other sets of parents is more trouble than it's worth. Pictures at the lakefront at 6:15, dinner, dance, and after party until 12:30. The parents hosting the after party have set up some very sensible guidelines and the kids are in for a fun evening.

Sunday is grocery shopping, cleaning, work around the house, and recovery. I'm assuming Evan will sleep until noon and Megan and I will probably be back mid-afternoon or early evening.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 10:36am

I've got a cold.  I am hoping to take it easy this weekend and delegate.  Today some school, cleaning, and laundry.  Tonight we ar eatchign the made for TV movie on the CSS Hunley- a wrap up of our trip to the Hunley museum and the several books we read on the subject.

Tomorrow and Sunday we need to move out the rest of the stuff (finally) from the old house.  The movers came this week to pick up my ILS bedroom set and mattress that has been in the garage and now the garage looks so roomy!  We can get that organized.  DH also promsied to finally put up the stencil ( more of a word wall applique) in the dining room.  

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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 9:13am

Good morning ladies.  Its the first time in weeks I've made it to work on time, and I was able to make omelettes for everyone for breakfast before I left this morning.  Jordyn stayed overnight at the school for her cheerleading stuff, and they had a pep rally at 8:00 this morning.  DH got Emma on the bus fine, hoping she has a good day.  They have a sub today and she's had two bad days in a row.  I gave her lots of encouraging words this morning before I left and reminder of her of the football game tonight and her reward jar.  I have lunch plans with co-workers today, a chiropractor appointment after work, and then the football game tonight.

This weekend, its the last quiet weekend of the month before all the chaos of homecoming and Jordyn's recruiting weekend.  I am hoping to finally get caught up on laundry, and I am hoping to get DH's business stuff under control and streamlined this weekend.  My goal is to get our room cleaned (mostly my crap) and a new desk bought and moved into there to get all his business computer/printer, etc. off my kitchen table and counter.  Jordyn has to work Saturday afternoon and has work and practice sunday evening.  I assume she will be sleeping tomorrow until she needs to get up at noon to get dressed and ready to leave for work.  I am hoping she has a break from homework, but we'll see.  And she is submitting her early decision application for her top school this weekend.  Also, some grocery shopping and meal planning this weekend, also hoping to get my pantry cleaned out, its gotten to be such a mess I have no idea what we do and don't have, other than I know we have tons of flour and boxes of 1/2 full, old cereal that needs to be thrown out.

Have a great weekend!