old member getting a BFP and betas!

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old member getting a BFP and betas!
Fri, 10-12-2012 - 9:49am

Hello ladies! I have not posted in a VERY long time, but I still read/keep up with everyone weekly. It's wonderful/reassuring to see so many people get their BFPs and moe on to have successful pregnancies. Not sure if anyone remembers me. In June '09 I had a baby boy, Alex (he was diagnosed with autism last year). I went on to have two back-to-back missed m/c's in 2010. I was devastated and so afraid to try again. With my first pregnancy, they discovered my lupus anticoagulant levels were extrmemly high (it was a very difficult pregnancy - hyperemesis, severe PUPPS rash). It wasn't discovered until the end, so I was induced at 39wks. It took two m/c's and switching OBs a few times before anyone realized that maybe I neededto be on blood thinners. In August 2010, I was officially diagsnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome. Then in September I became pregnant, and was immediately put on Lovenox. My progesterone was low, so I was given Crinone 8% suppositories. All of this resulted in healthy baby boy #2 :smileyhappy: - who also shares the same birthdate as his brother :smileywink: Last week I realized that I am am pregnant for the 5th time. I am TERRIFIED of another loss! I changed OB's again as my prevoius OB was not being very proactive - not sure why, I assumed we would jump right in to Lovenox/progesterone again, since it was a success before. So, here I am again :smileyhappy: I'm not exactly sure when I O'ed - stopped keeping track. DH and I DTD on September 18th and 21st only. Thought I felt some O pains on the 23rd. My Betas were: Oct. 9th - 398, Oct. 10th - 651 and I am still awaiting progesterone reults. The betas were done two days in a row, due to the confusion of switching OBs (my old OB clamied to not have the first beta results, so the new one ordered them too). I started baby aspirin as soon as I got a BFP and just started the Lovenox/Crinone yesterday. I am praying for another miracle! My OB gave me the option of every other day blood draws or once a week until they are at 2,500. I opted for the once a week. I think lab trips every 48hrs. would just stress me out. 

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm glad that you found a new OB that would take your history more seriously. I hope that you'll introduce yourself over at Pregnant After a Loss, they'll be able to support you during your pg and understand your fears: http://forums.ivillage.com/ivillage/?category.id=iv-ppaftermisc

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Congrats! This makes me hopeful, as I also have the same issues and the same game plan. I am rooting for you and your little one :-)