Did you know there's a "Messengers of Peace" patch

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Did you know there's a "Messengers of Peace" patch
Fri, 10-12-2012 - 10:27am

This new Messengers of Peace patch is for around the world crest and can be earned by going online to tell what you are going to do to make the world a better place and then do it.  I haven't looked it up yet, but we were told about it at the Cub Scout part of Roundtable last night.  Also found out about some cyber chip patch (about online safety, I think) and the new NOVA patch and Super NOVA awards.  We had a speaker who's in charge of the STEM initiative locally and she spoke about what kinds of things would be related to the levels and which badges/belt loops are there on the list.  She said that some of the older boy Super Nova awards would be similiar to an Eagle Award in time and effort.  Sounds like a neat program.  I want to get the booklet or info.

Luckily, our Roundtable seems to mostly be a positive experience for me and the other leaders.  We hear good ideas, learn about things, and get some support for the trials and tribulations we go through with our packs/dens.  I found myself wishing that we could make up a pack from just the leaders and their own kids.  Wouldn't that be such a super, creative, active, and fun group for both the kids and adults!  I just can't get that idea out of my head today!


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I feel the same way about making a group of just the people who want to run programs. :smileyhappy:

I heard about Messengers of Peace in the summer. It was right after we had completed a fairly large book collection for an innercity mission. I was kinda bummed that I didn't know about it before that.

Our council pushed STEM for WRC last year. I doubt we do much with the STEM program until spring. I have it on the list for the den leaders for once rank is completed.

The cyber chip looks really easy to earn :smileyhappy:

Our roundtable was about scout strong and the physical fitness component of journey to excellence. Have you seen the tracking website for scout strong? http://www.scouting.org/SCOUTStrongPALA.aspx

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never heard of scout strong... will have to check it out once the kids are in school this week.  thanks for the link.