Cleo's going to the vet today...

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Cleo's going to the vet today...
Fri, 10-12-2012 - 12:00pm

I've said before that sometimes I believe vet offices try to get you to puchase things that are not necessary.  I do like my vet clinic but believe they push a bit too much on some things.  Cleo's almost 7 (we think) so now they consider her a "senior dog"...which means they want her to have more than one "annual" exam.  I'm not buying it....for Samantha she was definitely senior; I don't believe that Cleo is.

But since she goes to the Dog Park I need to keep her Bordatella up to date and she needs a booster; so she's going for that today.  I also need heart worm meds.  DH wants them to look at her eye; she has a tiny cyst at the bottom of one eye...he said the last time he was there with her the vet noticed it but it hasn't grown so I'm not worried.

She's usually good at the vet....but I actually set up the appointment thinking that DH would take her.  Then one of our clients changed his session time, so I'm "it".