Happy 7th Gotcha Day Jasmine!!!

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Happy 7th Gotcha Day Jasmine!!!
Fri, 10-12-2012 - 5:43pm
Happy Gotcha Day sweetheart! Sorry I have to work. I hope you enjoyed the duck for breakfast and toy mice to play with.

You were a godsend to us and I thank ^Gracie^ for sending you as a bridge gift to us.

Endless love and kisses from your Mommy, Daddy, Misha and the rest of your furry sisters and brothers.

We will celebrate all weekend!!!

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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 6:00pm
Kisses to that sweet girl!

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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 10:13pm

Happy Gotcha Day Jasmine!!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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Sat, 10-13-2012 - 9:56am

Happy 7th Gotcha Day to sweet Jasmine.  You have certainly been a godsend to your mommy and Misha.  Have a wonderful Gotcha weekend.

Sending kisses from all of us.