All about me?

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All about me?
Fri, 10-12-2012 - 9:42pm


Not sure if I'm going to explain this clearly but...

This is my first baby and I am having contradicting feeling on occasion in regards to my husbands feelings.  Some days, I feel bad that everything is all about me right now.  He is excited and involved but I come home from work every day and my #1 topic of what I want to talk about is how I feel and what I'm experiencing and what my belly looks like.  Sometimes I try not to talk about it because I feel like he must be sick of everything being about me.  Other days I think he's not interested enough in the numerous pictures I show him of what my tummy looks like compared to what it did last week  :smileyhappy:  I realize it's not actually just about me and that its our baby but I'm hoping you'all get what I mean.  Anyone have any similar feelings?

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Sat, 10-13-2012 - 9:22am

Sounds perfectly normal to me..

Most men have a tough time connecting until the baby is here.  Holdable, huggable.  They can't always relate to the pregnancy stage... don't worry.


you're preggo... enjoy it.  rub that belly... take a gazillion pics..  tell everyone..  enjoy it.. bitch about it.. have him rub your feet and tell you how gorgeous you are EVERY Day! ...etc etc..

you aren't pregnant forever!




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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 8:21am

This is my 2nd, but i was totally where you are when I was PG with my first (late 2010-early 2011). 

1. I totally agree with onesunnydee.....IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE ABOUT YOU (and the baby).....but by sharing what's happening to you and your body, you're sharing what's going on with the baby.

2. I also got an app on my phone that showed the weekly progress and DH LOVED reading it.  Similar story to cmckslp where I didn't realize how much DH enjoyed reading it/having me read it until I hadn't done it for a week or so and he asked if he could see my phone and catch up on the baby's progress.  He even made me set it up again for this pregnancy so he can follow along again.

3. I also read a couple of books - "what to expect when you're expecting" & "Mayo Clinic....." and at the end of the chapter we'd discuss the highlights of what was going on with the baby or what I'd be experiencing.

So maybe the daily barage of changes and feelings might be too much, but you could back off to weekly or every other day.....or ASK HIM ABOUT IT.  You may not realize how much he enjoys hearing about it.....or you could reach some common ground on what he wants to hear/doesn't want to hear.  But definitely find someone to talk to about it if you don't want to keep talking to him!!!