Khloe Madison 10/11/12!

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Khloe Madison 10/11/12!
Sat, 10-13-2012 - 4:14pm
Khloe Madison Whitney born 10/11/12 @1128, 7 pounds 6 ounces, 20.5 inches long!
Spent all day at the ER on 10/10 due to what I now know are multiple kidney stones. I was on pain meds every two hours and lots of fluids, still could not pass the stones and they could not keep my pain under control. ER doc called my midwife and she had them transfer me over to labor and delivery to kick off my induction a day early. Foley catheter was placed and I was told it would dilate me to 3 cm by morning. I was still unable to keep foods down, still pretty sick, but I was able to shower.

At midnight they started me on Pit and said they would start upping it at 7 am. Woke around 7, midwife came in and removed the bulb. She said I was 4 cm and 50% yayy! She also proceeded to break my water which ...
kicked my contractions up big time. 30 mins later I was 5 cm and 70%, at that point I was begging for the Epi! Got my Epi shortly after and I felt pretty awesome! I was nervous about the Epi cause of my back issues but it did not hurt at all and the meds kicked in quickly.
An hour later I started feeling pressure. Nurse checked me and I was 9 cm! She called my midwife who was 20 mins away, by the time she showed up I was fully dilated and ready to go. 2 pushes later Khloe was born!!!! I swear this kid could have crawled out herself lol.

She loves the boobie lol, and loves to be held. Makes it difficult to get any sleep lol, that and nurses in here constantly needing vitals on us! We’re looking to be discharged on Saturday. I have to see a Urologist in 2 weeks to get these stones blasted. Hopefully they don’t bother me again tho!!!
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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 3:11pm

Congrats.  Glad your baby girl is here.  Hope your stones don't cause you much pain and they get better soon.

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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 8:48am
Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl! Welcome to the world, Khloe.

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Sun, 10-14-2012 - 12:20pm
Congratulations!! Sounds like everything went well. :-)

- JM

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Sun, 10-14-2012 - 9:13am

Happy Birthday Khole Madison! and congratulations to you and DH. Hope you can take care of the stones soon. I had kidney stones during my 5th month of pregnancy. Not fun at all! At least now you can take pain meds free of worries :-)

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Sat, 10-13-2012 - 6:33pm
Congrats! I hope if i get induced it goes that smoothly. Good luck with the stones.