my wifes fantasies are slowly coming out and she loves it

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my wifes fantasies are slowly coming out and she loves it
Sat, 10-13-2012 - 10:30pm

so after marriage and having a kid, the sex slowed down a bit due to us being so busy. after about 6 months, we both wanted to spice it up but it seemed i was the only one working at it. so, i talked my wife into spicing it up and thinking about fantasizing about whatever she wanted to make it brand new again. it took awhile but eventually it happened and now its taking off.

if interested, let us know so we can chat and blog about it. we are dying to share our love life with other couples.

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Isn't fantasy a good and necessary thing? So many trashy, completely fatuous, ideas about it spread by those who call themselves realistic. Well, let's talk realism for a minute then. No discovery in civilization was ever made by anyone assuming he knew already what reality was. If you know it, you don't have to search for it.

Between a couple, sharing dreams, hopes, daydreams, sexual fantasies is a totally good thing. When my then-husband got up the courage to mention something, I opened up to him. Before that, he just always shut me down. My advice to anyone who feels shut-up and closed off is, "Take the first step out yourself, and see where that leads."

Of course, fantasy is just one tool in the toolbox.