do i have the answer or i need to work on self?

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do i have the answer or i need to work on self?
Sun, 10-14-2012 - 5:48am

story: met a fella - single dad...we live in two diff cities. beame good friends with time - i developed feelings for him six/ seven months down the line - told him so. He said, he views me as nothing but a 'back slapping friend'.

Confused me as we would talk and share everything...anyways when i heard this i was hurt cried and said ok i have to let him go - cannot care for someone who does not have similar feelings for me.

I also read signs he is into you and not into you...and both work for

anyways, had to visit his city, i did, we met - it was cordial - he was miffed up, i asked him why, he said he is upset with me , i asked him for reasons, he did not share. i missed my flight, so made another arrangement to return, he did suggest i stay back the night, i said i would like to go. I was not doing well emotionally and my tears flowed (oops)....he caught hold of me and hugged me (he knows i am a sucker for it).

i am a big touch and feel person and do hug usually, but this time i kept to my self and he in his own small ways - pulling my hair, ruffling it a bit, when all in the car and i was on the back seat - pinching me on my knee....i do not know what to make out of all this.....

we are ADULTS :smileyhappy: super adults...and i find his behaviour odd.

i spent the eve with his son, dad and him, we played a game of cards and went for dinner - most time he was on the ph texting - i told him the next day that he was rude and if he was sending a msg to me, i have understood, but texting through out the eve was rude...he apologised and said he did not realise it was that bad and said, he is not sending me any msg or whatever and that his head is full up and he needs to clear it - to this i said you need to find yourself - and when you do we can talk.

i have decided to keep away from very fond of him, but i feel emotionally connected to him which he does not feel...

i think the best is to cut off - and well if he does miss me, he should come back for it...or else..his loss :smileyhappy:.