Mid-October DYK????

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Mid-October DYK????
Sun, 10-14-2012 - 10:46am

How's the month shaping up for everyone?

Is your May kiddo (or other kids) dressing up for Halloween?

If so, what will they be?

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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 12:43pm


...Did you all have a nice weekend?

...Claire is going as some kind of Rainbow fairy?  Her and Savanah bought matching stuff at Hot Topic this summer?  Tutus, suspenders, I don't even remember?

...Max really wants to dress up and go out but I told him that I thought his days of T&Ting is over?  Truth be told, I don't care if older kids come as long as they are dressed up but a lot of people get crabby?  He had fun last year holding Alivia's hand and TorTing with her?  Our tallest and smallest, so cute:smileyhappy:

...Dylan played his first college hockey this weekend?  Won one, lost one?  Craig made the drive Saturday, watched him play and gave Tina and I constant text updates?  Said he looked a little rusty but did a good job?  Dylan was excited and even waved to Craig in the stands?

...lucked out with the rain on Saturday?  We got through the walk and it started raining?  Rain pretty much stopped by 4?  Just a little misting until about 5?  But it was a tad chilly?

...So I was able to Zombie Crawl:smileyhappy: It was ok, the music wasn't the greatest and I don't like being cold?

...my bad for making a coat zombie:smileywink:?

...Claire's first communion was fine?  She didn't care for the wine? 

...Craig's ENTIRE family including Godparents didn't come?  The Godparents were in a car accident on Thursday and were sore, the others I have NO clue!?

...NO ONE called to tell me that so I made a ton of food?

...I canNOT believe how rude they are?

...I want to be done inviting them but I won't stoop?  My kids ask and at least I can stay that they were invited?  They used to say that Craig's brother's ex NEVER invited them, hateful witch?  Well I bet she was me and sick and tired of inviting, planning for them and have them NOT show up?

...Craig knew I was pissed and steered clear?  Or did he steer clear because he was LATE?  10 minutes late to church?  Hank wasn't ready?  I asked him to grab two bags of ice on the way to the house?  Sure he says?  Get back, get food squared away, probably 10-15 minutes and he's still not there?  I run and grab ice so people can eat and have cold drinks?

...he finally gets there after another 10 minutes?  Had to stop at the bank for Hank and she had to drop something at her brother's house?  Why didn't he tell me?  He didn't know until they were in the car and he didn't realize it would take that long!??!

...SO over her and him for that matter?

...Going to order Team wear this afternoon, putting off the ordering of PURPLE sweats that the coach requested?  I'm hoping he comes to his senses?

...15 year old boys do not want to wear Purple sweats and parents don't want to throw $25 away?

...Max said, "Is he trying to embarass us"?

...we have our first scrimmage tomorrow against a pretty hard time?  Should be interesting?

...better get to work?  Break is over?

...Happy Monday?!?

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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 7:04pm

Christol, good that the weather cooperated for the walk?

Very rude of people to leave you hanging about coming to Claire’s communion?

And Craig and Hank are just completely thoughtless?

Shelly’s planning to be an angel for Halloween?

Not sure if Lily will dress up this year. She may go to the neighbor’s to help scare kids?

I thought we had an angel costume with wings, but I can’t find it!!! I am so afraid I gave it away to Goodwill. That’s one of the hazards of being a purger!!!?

Our weekend was ok?

Lily was out of school Thursday and Friday with this flu bug?

So, Friday night John and Shelly went to the high school football game?

Saturday Shelly had a game for cheering and Lily stayed at home?

She was making a small turn for the better and wanted to get out of the house. So, we went out for dinner on Saturday night?

She had a little to eat, but I could tell she was getting tired from being out…even for that little bit of time?

Sunday we hung out around the house all day?

I thought she was improving until about 2 hours before bed when her temp spiked again?

She stayed home today and we went to the doctor’s this afternoon?

She has the early stages of pneumonia (like walking pneumonia) and they gave her a Z pack?

Hoping that will knock it out of her?

I know she’s going to be worn out once she makes it back to school?

I think several kids have had similar symptoms at her school?

One of her good friends was diagnosed with walking pneumonia two weeks ago?

They have an early release on Wednesday and a field trip on Thursday?

Hopefully she’ll be able to go?

Shelly has a field trip on Friday to the state fair?

I’m going to both field trips on Thursday and Friday?

I think I’m going to be worn out by Friday evening!!!? Laughing

Have a happy week?


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Tue, 10-16-2012 - 5:39pm


Just trying to see if I can post.

Got our Halloween costumes last night, Cole is going to be an Army guy and Gabe is a Zombie Skeleton. Got Cole a real army jumpsuit at an army surplus store for half the price of the cheap costume, YAY!

Family pictures with my whole family this weekend, please pray for good weather and good attitutudes! I'll post what we are wearing later to get your approval!

Showed 2 houses today to my first real client, very interesting! They aren't really ready to make an offer yet but I hope they will. We are still trying to figure out how I'm going to manage doing this part time, hope we can make it work!

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Wed, 10-17-2012 - 8:26am


...Lauri, love your profile pic!!!

...and congrats again on the realtor license...showing your first clients?!!?

...how exciting!?!?!?

...Christol, I loved the pic of the zombie crawl?

...glad it worked out?

...and WTF, Hank?

...I'm sorry but late to church and then late to your house, that's not an accident?!

...I'm convinced it's a manipulative, ON purpose move?


...wake up Craig?

...and the family just not showing?


...Karol, I hope Lily is feeling better?

...wow, walking pneumonia?


...I'm glad she's on a zpack?

...I don't know about Halloween costumes this year?

...Owen says he wants to be Iron Man again?

...I'm good with that?

...still have last year's costume, and he still loves Iron Man, so why should I encourage any different?

...I probably should ask Nat what her plans are?

...she's my issue?

...in more ways than one!?!


...just kidding?!?!

...so yesterday was my procedure for my abnormal pap?

...get to the office and the doctor says that now they routinely screen for the HPV virus every pap, and that I do not have it, so without the presence of the virus, a few abnormal cells are nothing to worry about?

...it's really the virus that is the worry?


...but then I start detailing what my issues have been for several years and she determines that no, I don't need my cervical cells biopsied, I need tissue inside my uterus biopsied?

...oh yeah...that was fun?

...actually, it wasn't that bad, but the amount of tissue she dug out was actually quite amazing!

...she said that I could have some polyps in there that could be causing the irregularities, and that the procedure, many times, will get the polyps for biopsy, and without the polyps, my symptoms may go away?

...fingers crossed?

...if it doesn't she discussed many options?

...one being hysterectomy?

...so next step is an ultrasound?

...Owen's been having some testicular pain?

...did I tell you all about that horrendous fiasco?

...I'll take that one to facebook?

...oh, and Mariah is having like big spasms of her arms?

...it's weird, and "super embarassing"?

...I'm not worried about the embarassing part, but I do worry about it being something neurological?

...I texted my friend and she says she thinks it's muscle fatigue?

...she doesn't get enough rest?

...I may put a call in to the doctor, just in case?

...when it rains, it pours?

...our medical spending just shot through the roof!?!


...ok, well I'd best get Natalie out the door?

...Happy Hump Day ladies?!?!?

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Wed, 10-24-2012 - 9:56am


This is a test because every other time I log on I can post?

the other times, I'm not authorized??

I'll be back later to chat, if it allows me;)