I wonder c/p

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I wonder c/p
Sun, 10-14-2012 - 1:22pm

I wonder what Shawn is doing now. I wonder if he is happy or sad. I wonder if he is married or single. I wonder does he have kids or not? Does he miss me the way I miss him. Oh Shawn why oh why did you break my heart all those years ago. Why do I miss you so? The heartbreak you caused me at such a young age hurt me much you don’t even know. I love you Shawn can’t you see.  I loved you from the first time we met. Why does your love affect me so? It’s been almost 17 years since you’ve left me. You don’t know how you’ve affected me Shawn. If I only knew how you were. Did you change for the better or for the worse? Did you end up in jail or did you go straight. You’ll always be my first love Shawn. Even if you’re alive in a sense you died. You’ve died in my mind and my heart. You’ll live on in my memory. The memories I have of you are faithful and true. I shed tears for you when I think of you. You were good to me through and through till the day you left at school.  We hugged and kissed then said goodbye for the last time to never part again and to never see each other again. Oh how I miss you so Shawn. You’ll always live on and on in my memory. I pray wherever you are you’re as happy can be. As for me I need time to move from your hold on me. Your hold on me will heal in due time. You would think nearly 17 years would have healed the wounds you inflicted on me. You see Shawn you are my first love and I’m having a hard time moving on. You were the best thing to happen to me nearly years ago. I will love again Shawn. Yes I will love again.


This poem is dedicated to Shawn P. who used live in Park Lane Apartments nowLanding Laneapartments. I miss and love you Shawn.

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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 6:14pm

Hi there, and welcome to PW!

Even though some glitch on the board has made you nameless, and the PW seems to be on hold until things are fixed, you deserve a response, I figure. Maybe next time you could put your name after your post, because in this window I don't even see your username, and I feel a little silly not calling you anthing!

Your writing seems like a true personal experience, and I'm so sorry for the pain you have suffered from it. It's interesting because you analyze your feelings, and address it to Shawn. It does not seem to have the form or imagery of a poem, though, and I am wondering why you even want to write a poem about it. Why not work it up as a letter, like one that you might put in a bottle to throw into a river?

Just a thought, and please keep posting! We DO get more active than this on this board!


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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 8:34pm

You can call me betlic40.