Just curious...what does your screen name mean?

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Just curious...what does your screen name mean?
Sun, 10-14-2012 - 3:00pm

So with all the various names out there, for those who don't mind sharing, what does your screen name mean?  For me, "Ummi" is a term that african and arab babes call their moms which literally means "my mommy".  Because this is my fifth baby I included the words "to 5."  Not very creative I know but maybe someone else has a cool screen name that they want to share?  

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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 5:02am
kat iz ma

Everyone compares me to a cat, thus kat. Iz = is, Ma = mother. :smileyhappy:
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I got married on May 15, 2010.....hence newlywed2010

Not very original either....

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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 2:00pm
mine is a mix of our last name and first initials of myself oldest ds and hubby. in hindsight it wasnt that great of an idea since weve had another child and have another on the way so its no longer accurate lol
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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 3:25pm
Well I'm a mom and a nanny. But I think you could guess that. I like reading about everyones name and how they got them