Anyone else have a super huge belly for this stage in pregnancy?

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Anyone else have a super huge belly for this stage in pregnancy?
Sun, 10-14-2012 - 3:05pm

Ok...I know I've had many kids but I met someone today with almost the same due date and I realize, my tummy is HUGE!  I mean 5-6 months pregnant huge.  It's embarrassing.  People recently have asked me how far along I am and I don't want to tell them I'm only 12.5-13 weeks because of the look on their face that follows that tends to say..."are you sure?" or "you might have twins" or some other dumbfounded look as to how someone could be so big at this stage.   Funny thing is that the scale still shows my prepregnancy weight.  Any other BTDT moms look really big right now?  I dare not post a pic...I'm too

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totally in the same boat! this is my 3rd and im looking much farther along than i am, but like you am still at my pre pregnancy weight.
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I'm 12 weeks and look like I did at 5 mos with my dd. I showed late with her and I'm def feeling big sooner this time around! :-) I'm a medium framed girl, but def started out bigger this time around so I'm sure that's why.

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Yes! I'm only 11 1/2 weeks with my 4th and haven't told my parents yet, but I know they know because my belly is huge. I'm sure they will tell me I was crazy for thinking I could hide it once I tell finally them in a week or two, I wear sweaters even when it's warm to try to cover the obvious. I was at Walmart today and looked down at my belly and hoped I wouldn't run into anyone I know, because I believed they would ask when I am due--it's that obvious!


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