Unconditional Trust and Acceptance

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Unconditional Trust and Acceptance
Sun, 10-14-2012 - 6:20pm

I need help understanding this. I don't think it's a bad thing, but it's freaking me out. 

This guy I've been involved with (we're in our late 30's btw), he and I both are not the type of people that trust/accept easily at all. In fact, I've never trusted anyone fully and he only trusts one person in his life. But we trust each other unconditionally. I know that sounds bogus, but it's not. Things that would typically bother me, don't. Ditto for him. 

With that trust came acceptance. He's had a shady past but I accept everything and am okay with it all. Truly. I even asked him about something recently, of course he answered honestly and if it was any other man, I would have ran for the hills, but because it's him, I accepted it, dealt with it, and moved on. 

It's the weirdest thing for both of us to trust and accept like this and yet, it's made our relationship that much better (it's nice being able to be 100% open and honest and trust someone). I swear I keep thinking he's playing me, but since he's said a lot of this before I did, and then some, I don't think it's a game. 

My friend has told me to do this or that, to tell him this or that, that I'm giving it all up too soon (emotionally), but the funny thing is that I can't seem to lie to him. I don't want to lie to him or play games. And he feels the same. 

Are we just super lucky or super crazy?

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Wed, 10-17-2012 - 3:54pm
Sounds to me you are lucky. Trust is always a big thing in any relationship. When you have trust and honesty those relationships seem to have better communication. Do let us know how it goes!

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Sat, 10-20-2012 - 1:58am

Thanks. I will. I know sometimes my brain fights me on how my heart feels and trusts. But I'm sure that has a lot to do with my past and cynism. It's not easy to trust so completely and not question it. 

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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 9:14pm

Figured I'd post a quick update. Things are absolutely crazy. I have literally never felt like this before in my life and well, I'm not young and I've been around the block enough to know something very strange is going on in Oz. But in a good way.

I don't want to get into details as I'm sure many of you will think I'm crazy or worse, but let's just say, for the first time in my entire life I feel secure (no doubts about us - which I've never felt ever), safe (that he will always take care of me as best as he can - although I don't feel I need to be taken care of), loved (I always feel loved and he doesn't even have to say a word), and happy (we'll have our hard times, but I know everything will be okay in the long run) and he feels exactly the same way.

I'm sure much of what I'm experiencing is the honeymoon stage and yet, I also feel that our relationship is based on love, friendship, and us being able to enjoy one another immensely. We know we're going to be in love and have fun together for the rest of our lives. Oh, it may change over time, I'm not delusional, but the main things there today won't change.

All I know is that we are made for one another and there's no other way to really describe it. (I know it's very saccharine, sorry.)