Our babies and other people's pets

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Our babies and other people's pets
Mon, 10-15-2012 - 12:37am
This weekend, I encountered an interesting situation a couple of times and thought I'd see what others thought. We are one of the first of our group to have a baby, so this is new territory for us. We went over to our frieds' house for dinner and brought our 4 month old. Our friends have two little dogs that usually are out and around us when we've been over before. The dogs were very interested in the baby; sniffing him and licking him all over. I brought a blanket to lay him down on during dinner but the dogs wouldn't leave him alone and he can't yet defend himself with them. The friends put the dogs in a bedroom and closed the door. Today, we went to my younger brother and his wife's house and baby got to meet their two huge dogs (100+ pounds). They are still puppyish and we had to keep the baby and dogs separated. I felt bad that the hosts either had to put their dogs in a bedroom, outside or we had to be in between baby and dogs while he was on the floor. But it was also tricky to hold our LO for that long, during dinner and talking. It was just hard to talk and concentrate on the convo and actively intervene. How do you handle visiting and other people's pets? Do you hold your JB? Do you impose and let them put the pet in another area? Do you bring something to put JB in?
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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 12:50pm

With my oldest DD.. when she was little..  we would bring her places and people would automatically put their dogs away.  We would also sometimes bring our portable pack and play places, just to keep her safe and confined to an area, even if people didn't have dogs or whatever.

 I don't like dogs around our babies at all.  Like you said, the babies aren't old enough to defend themselves, so it's just not fair.  Dogs can get too hyper and out of control as well.  We don't allow our 3yr old lab around the triplets yet either.  He's psycho and can't be petted at all. 

If someone brings their little one here, I put our lab away automatically and it's no big deal.  A dog's a dog.  I  don't think of them as little people or kids like some people do.  (my folks treat their dogs like kids)



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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 1:47pm

All of the above. YES they should put the dog away. No I am risking it by the dogs being out.

But yes I would also bring something to put the baby in. even if it is just a stroller.