Choice of Hospitals/Birthing Center....

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Choice of Hospitals/Birthing Center....
Mon, 10-15-2012 - 9:10am

What made you choose the hospital/location you've chosen to deliver in?

With my first, my OB only delivered at one hospital.  We were new to the area and everything I read said it was a great hospital with a top of the line NICU so I didn't mind being "forced" to deliver there. 

This time, I've switched to a new OB who delivers at 4 different hospitals (1 being the same one I delivered in last time).  I had a GREAT experience at my previous hospital.......uncomplicated delivery (which I know has little to do with the hospital, but still), great follow-up care, great breastfeeding support, great educations classes (breastfeeding, intro childcare, etc).  I just thought it was a no brainer that we'd deliver there again.

Then DH says he wouldn't mind switching.  The one we went to was about 25 minutes from our house, the one he wants to switch to is about 20.  The original one is much easier for our parents to access, but the newly proposed one isn't horrible.  I THINK DH wants to switch because the new one is closer to our jobs and he could easily sneak into the office during my recovery period if he had to.....but that's a crappy reason (to me).  The hospital seems nice and the one up side to switching is I believe all the rooms are private at this new hospital (but you run the risk of sharing a room at the original hospital.....I didn't with DD, but it's a definite possibility).  The NICU is one level below the original hospital and it's hard to know for sure how their BF support is at this new hospital......

So, why did you choose the hospital/birthing center/home delivery?  Should I do the research involved in switching hospitals, or just stay with the one I KNOW I like??  Get this.....if we switch DH doesn't want to have to do another hospital, hello, of course we will do a hospital tour if we switch to a new (again, I think he likes it because it's closer to work).

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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 2:45pm
I prefer the hospital closest to the house as long as it doesn't have a bad reputation. the reason is because i'd like to get there fast if I need to. What if I go into labor during rush hour? Also so DH can run home to feed the cat and dog and hurry back. I delivered my first at this hospital and it was great. Dh got to run home and feed the pet, shower then come right back.
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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 2:14pm
with my first, it was just the hospital the dr delivered at. with my second we got the trisomy 18 diagnosis early on and after doing a lot of research proving that some children can survive with this we chose to leave that up to gavin and god. if he was born breathing on his own and doing well considering we would have done whatever we could to help him and the hosital our oldest was delivered at happened to have the best NICU in the area so that was the big selling point. unfortunately he never took many breaths on his own so we didnt need it but were glad it was there. with this baby i wouldnt dream of going anywhere else. after being treated like garbage from every OB in town for not aborting my son, this hospital treated us with respect and accepted our decision and offered us kind words and options, something we had not seen at all previously in that pregnancy. so far this baby looks to be perfectly healthy but if something were to happen to this baby or something were to go wrong i want to be in a hospital where i know i can trust the doctors and know they will do their best for us. being in the same hospital where we said goodbye to our son will be really hard but its whats best for the baby