Inappropriate Kids Halloween costumes

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Inappropriate Kids Halloween costumes
Mon, 10-15-2012 - 12:49pm

I found this really interesting that some of these costumes are what an adult would wear to a party not a child.  I was at a wedding this weekend and saw a few pre-teen girls in really short skirts which also made me upset.  I guess I just don't want my little girl wearing a really short skirt at a young age.  I get it that teenagers wear what they want sometimes but I have issues and I'm sure DH does as well, about letting them wear things like that when they aren't even 13!  There are enough problems with child molesters without letting your pre-teen dress that way!  Maybe I'm over reacting, but I just wanted to share after seeing this article.  I guess some of them aren't that bad, depending on the age of the kid, but some I agree are too bloody or gorey and I really don't care for stripper like costumes for young girls!