Non-retracting foreskin in teen boy

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Non-retracting foreskin in teen boy
Mon, 10-15-2012 - 2:06pm

Yeah, I know this is sensitive, and I would have taken it to the non-circ support board, but that board is dominated by one poster who seems a bit, um, obsessed with penises and politics, so I'm coming here.

My 15 yo son's doctor told us at his physical that his foreskin doesn't retract as it should at this age. DS hasn't complained to me or DH, so I don't think he has any pain (and he is a hypochondriac, so if there's pain to be had, he'd have it and let us know ALL about it!). The doc said the main issue is the risk of infection, since this makes proper hygiene difficult. He has never had an infection, but apparently, repeated infections usually mean you have to have a circumcision.

We want to avoid this, obviously. Has anyone here had a son with the same issue? Will this cause him difficulties down the road wrt intimacy? I have horrifying memories of history class and Louis XVI.....

Sorry if this was TMI.

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Mon, 10-15-2012 - 3:19pm
Hi ash, I don't have any btdt advice. My boys and dh are all circ'd. Jason was done at 2 days, Justin when he was about a year, and dh when he was 19 and in the army. I did find this article that talks about stretching the foreskin: It says some men's foreskin never retract and they can still go on to father children. LOL I had to google Louis XVI and penis. Guess they left that part out of the history books I had when I was a kid!