Can a wife and her husbands gay/bi lover live under the same roof?

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Can a wife and her husbands gay/bi lover live under the same roof?
Mon, 10-15-2012 - 2:44pm

So my husband just recently came out to me as bisexual. I am totally comfortable with this as I have always kind of known there was something speacial about him. He says he is not yet ready to explore his new founded sexuality but we have been talking about it. I 100% support him and know that he will need to explore that side soon, I think it will be sooner than he is thinking. We have been talking about the future and how this might play out. He says he likes the idea of going on dates with one man if they click to get to know echother than explorer sexually. Then after that he wants his lover to meet me and then our child and if his lover and everyone eles is ok with the situation move in our home with his oun room, and essentually me and this guy share my husband. Kid of like Sister Wives only as a bisexual version. LOL I know it sounds crazy but I like the idea and think it would be graet if there is a guy out there who would be ok with me and my husband still having a relationship. My husband says no matter what he wants to be with me and contuine to do what we always do. I love my husband very much and connot live without him in my world, he is my world. My husband does not exactly know this but I have been secretly helping him come out, over the years as like I said I just knew. It started out with me just goofing off with his back door  which he was totally against at first, but then after the fact he loved it. Then lead on to more and more, I"m sure I dont need to go in further detail. So Im not setalling as I really do like the idea of opening and spreading the love. Obviusly there would be boundries, like he would have to like children, be ok with me and hopefully close friends, he would have to have a job doest matter what kind,just to have one that way we know hes not just using use for a roof over his head, and he would have to treat my hubbie with respect, I dont want to have to get mad. My husband has standerds as well he has to be good looking and a really good person at hart.  We would have equal time and equal dessisons and have to have ood communication. So are we just crazy? Is it possible? Is there anyone out there who would go for this? Plases dont bash my hubbie he is an amazing guy , great hubbie and great father and the love of my life. Thanks

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  This can work but there is one item that was not mentioned.  You might like the attentions of two men.  Threeways can work very well.  However, it needs to be said that all might become sexual together or apart.  That possibility needs to be put on the table.


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I don't know why it wouldn't work. And would love for my husband to be open to the possibility to a poly amorous  relationship some day. I would love to a relationship with another man or possibly another couple. I'm open to exploring things. I don't know how open my husband is to it we've never discussed it outside the realm of fantasty. But OP I think you are a generous a love ing wife. Good for you. Good luck to you and your hubby.

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I say go for it! If it work for you all then there's no problem. Just be sure to get to know the other guy before moving him in. Get a background check and all before allowing him to become part of your life inside the home. If you find that all things check out and everyone works well together then give it a shot. I think it could work.