CP Italian Beef

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CP Italian Beef
Sat, 10-08-2005 - 1:05pm

1 roast (any size will work, I usually do a 2-3 pound for our family)
1 packet Good Season's Italian Dressing
1 can beer (or bottle)
1 jar (I use the larger jar) pepperoncini (undrained)

Put roast in crock, add jar of peppers with juice, add can of beer, add packet of Italian Dressing. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. NOTE: We like our meat to fall apart or shred easily so I will cook it on high while I'm at work.

Serve on Kaiser or Hoagie rolls. We add slices of provolone or swiss to our sandwiches as it can get spicy from the peppers.



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Sun, 10-09-2005 - 9:21am
Mmm, Sacha.... I've done this with only the peppers but adding the other stuff (minus beer since we don't touch the stuff) would be great... gonna have to try it very soon.

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Thu, 10-20-2005 - 5:57pm
This was great...and then we used the left-over meat for tacos.

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