CP Shredded Chicken Sandwich Meat

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CP Shredded Chicken Sandwich Meat
Sun, 10-30-2005 - 8:32pm

CP Shredded Chicken Sandwich Meat

Large can of chicken
Box of chicken stuffing
8 oz. sour cream
Can cream chicken soup
Can cream of celery soup

Stir it all together and cook in a crock pot on low

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Wed, 12-14-2005 - 11:46am
Do you have any adivce if you want to adapt this to cook on low for 5 hours? Or will it cook on high in one hour? This looks yummy!
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Wed, 12-14-2005 - 3:54pm

Welcome to the board =).. Glad you stopped by!

Tracy is not around today -

But it seems like one hour on high would be enough because it more or less is just heating things up - the stuffing should cook in that amount of time.. 5 hours may really dry it out though... This is JMO though!

It does sound yummy!

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Thu, 12-15-2005 - 5:53am

Hi Linda, welcome to Q&E!

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