Quik Trick Clam Chowder and Lasagna

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Quik Trick Clam Chowder and Lasagna
Fri, 01-05-2007 - 2:13pm

Hey, I just found you great board-I will be here alot now-Here is my contribution today!

Okay guys my Favorite thing to do share recipes-Here goes
Quik Trick Clam Chowder
1 1pkg of Scalloped potatoes
2 1 can minced clams
3 1 Tbsp of butter
4 1 Tbsp chives or green onion tips
5 1 Tbsp of green peppers-(Personally we don't like them)
6 2 1/2 c of any kind of milk or creamis fantastic

Throw all the ingredients into the crockpot and cook on high for 8 hours or low for 4.
I also break up the potatoes in the bag & I add 1 0r 2 cans of diced potatoes, and a can of corn-This recipe can be doubled or tripled and done on the stove for a quick meal! (if you need to know how ask me) Enjoy!!

Lasagna in the crockpot can be done as well as anything with noodles.

We do regular lasagna or mock-Mock is easy-use any jarred spaghetti sauce-1 container of cottage cheese- what ever meat you choose mix in crockpot-add 1/2 of the shredded cheese and mix it in-Cook on high for 4 hours or low for eight-I HOUR BEFORE done add broke up noodles, and then last of cheese to mixture and stir and then let it cook for one hour.
This can be doubled or tripled depending on your size of family and crockpot!

This can be done for spaghetti also-ENJOY!!