Veggie Pasta Salad

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Veggie Pasta Salad
Sat, 06-20-2009 - 3:17pm

I do not have an exact recipe for this since I just decided one day to throw everything except the sink into my pasta and man it turned out so yummy. I slowly overtime perfected it. I think you can pretty much eye it and also you need to let this sit overnight in the fridge to allow the flavors to marry.

A bag of your fav dried pasta- I prefer the ones that look like elephant ears since the goodies get caught inside and yum.

grape tomatoes

slice black olives

diced mild green chilis

shredded carrots

finely sliced celery

marinated artichoke hearts cut up

chicken breasts or even shrimp cooked and cut into bite sized pieces

yellow, orange, and green bell pepper finely chopped


sourcream or mayo

marinated artichoke hearts juice

your favorite salsa

dried italian dressing

vinegar and oil mix

salt and pepper to taste

I cook my pasta til al dente and sit aide in a really large bowl

Cut up all my veggies and meats and put into pasta- put in half of can of the mild green chilis.

Make dressing in a seperate bowl

add to the sourcream or mayo 1/2 package of the italian dressing, some oil and vinegar mix, salt and pepper, some salsa and the juice from the marinated artichokes until a dressing consistency- like Ranch dressing

Pour over pasta mixture and stir well. Cover and let sit overnight. Stir again before serving. This will last 3 days in the fridge though I don't think it will last.

Even my Father in law who hates veggies will eat this.

Add some crunchy baked bread and you have a meal. Very filling.