Easy, peachy sweet potatoes

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Easy, peachy sweet potatoes
Tue, 08-25-2009 - 12:04pm

I made this last night to go with chicken and rice. Super easy and yummy. (Microwave version of a recipe in my Better Homes & Gardens cookbook.)

Easy, peachy sweet potatoes

2-4 sweet potatoes or yams, peeled and diced
1-2 peaches, peeled and cut into pieces
1 tbs. butter, to taste
2 tbs. brown sugar, packed
1/8 tsp. ground ginger


Peel and dice the sweet potatoes. Place them in a covered microwave safe dish with 1/4 cup water (more if using more sweet potatoes). Cook on high for 10 minutes until soft.

Add cut up peaches, butter, brown sugar and ginger and microwave for another minute or so. Stir to coat and serve warm.

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