Bud drop in my gardenia

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Bud drop in my gardenia
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 6:17am
Can anyone tell me why my gardenia is dropping buds right before they bloom? I have been watering it whenever it gets dry and keeping it in a eastern window. Does it need more sun? Should I put it outside instead of keeping it indoors? I live in a single-wide trailer in a park (I'm in school still... ugh!) so there's not much space but I could keep it on the western side of my trailer.. Any suggestions would be great. Also, I live in the panhandle of Florida and right now it's getting up to the upper 70's in the day and down the the upper 50s or lower 60s at night. Thanks in advance!


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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 7:27am
Welcome lilybasset! On bud drop for just about any plant, including your gardenia:

Most times bud drop is due to one of two things: (1) over watering, (2) to little fertilizer.

Please remember that gardenia's love acidic soil. When you look at fertilizers, those numbers are (in order) (first:for greenery...what's above the soil) (second:for root growth) (three:for flowering) In the spring of the year during the time of buddings and flowers, plants need to have basic fertilizer added to their water, and not overwatering, especially for house plants.

Always remember that a wet finger means there's plenty of water, and DO NOT add more! The finger test is done by putting a finger one inch into the soil. If it's moist...your plant has plenty of water....if not, then water well. All plants need their roots to become slightly dry before getting a real big drink, then left alone for the roots to absorb the water. The next time you water your plant, add a teaspoon of (amonia) to the water for a quick boost for your plant, then from then on, either a "time release" fertilizer or water with one of the commercial water added fertilizers in them, especially during and right after the bloom cycle.

As for putting it outside....YES...if your temps drop below 52 degrees, you can bring it back in for the first week, then leave it out a bit cooler, hardening it off for the year.

As for this year, and bud drop, get that amonia in, get it outdoors so that your added water has a chance to evaporate to avoid root problems that will show up in bud drop too.

I hope you can save some of the buds yet, and enjoy a few flowers from your gardenia!


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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 7:34am
Hi Steph! Perhaps cl-disvet can advise you on this - otherwise, I'd recommend posting this question at Indoor Gardening message board. Let me post a link for you to click on:


Good luck - I hope you are able to rectify this problem. I know that gardenias can be tricky!

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