Pest control::::

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Pest control::::
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 6:04am
If you start out now, while still early in the year, you can do a LOT to chase pests away from your house and garden areas.

Get some ordinary (moth balls) to place around and just inside your home's walls to avoid pests from mice to ants, even skunks don't stick around for the smell of moth balls. Additionally, make up some real strong red pepper tea.....taking about 12 ounces of red pepper seed, steep it in a gallon of water, and after the steeping process of about 15 minutes at low heat, allow it to cool, and get that sprayed onto and around your plants and yard....especially around any areas that seem to have ant hills on a regular basis. Keep this hot pepper spray ready throughout the year for your plants leaf areas, and when you see any damage from insects eating at them....give the plants another shot, but not just before a rain, as it will just get washed off.

I use moth balls inside my shed for keeping out the wasps and hornets as well, and even some in my children's play house. (they know not to mess with those little white marble looking things), and they don't have to worry about stinging insects for the year either.

If you are one who doesn't mind using insecticides on your lawns, start your every other week covering (according to directions please) around your lawns and gardens now, even for those up north that havn't started digging. One time prior to digging will get a lot of the cut worms, centipeeds, and june bugs before they can get to the surface and begin lives as plant eaters from above the surface of your ground. You can discontinue the insecticide applications after 3 to 4 hits until late July, when you will want to do another dose for 3 applications around your fruit bearing trees.