Something is eating my roses...

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Something is eating my roses...
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 9:10am
I put snail bait down..thought maybe it was snails but I think it is still getting eaten..and there are no visible pests so it must be something is just the leaves getting eaten..not the actual roses!
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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 5:48am
This nocturnal eating machine that's making it's main course out of your rose leaves gives me a chance to tell everyone of two things to work at putting around your rose bushes. First of all to take care of snails...make a circle around your rose bushes of a decent amount of sea salt, and repeat as rain disolves it. Secondly, to attack them at the leaves themselves....RED PEPPER SPRAY....take 12 ounces of red pepper seasoning, and steep it in a gallon of water at low heat for half an hour (after bringing the water to a boil), then allow it to cool, pour it through a strainer into a spray bottle, and give your rose bushes (minus the flowers) a good shower of it until wetted thoroughly. The taste of this will drive away the most agressive bugs in hopes of finding something sweeter to eat for their next meal.

If however your pests are actually animals, as some rabbits will resort to rose bushes for dinner as well, you can use human hair around the bushes on the ground. Shucks, the hair will slowly become food for your plants, make birds happy for nesting, and birds collecting nesting materials around your plant beds will keep them coming back for dinner of those pesky insects throughout the year as well, thus "not killing two birds with one stone" will get a control over the insects by the birds being there.

One more trick is to make a batch of cigarette tobacco juice, by placing a pack of cigarettes into 5 gallons of water....use this around your plants for watering them, and the taste/smell of it will discourage many garden pests that affect a lot of garden plants.