Wednesday Notebook Tidbit

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Wednesday Notebook Tidbit
Wed, 04-02-2003 - 7:06am
Coffee grounds, tea bags....Spring has come to my part of the country, and I'm now making my evening trip to the garden areas once again, to dump out the day's grounds or tea bags. Yep...gardens love your left overs...LOL...around your rose bushes, you can cut up any banana peals too, but cover them with a bit of the mulch after placing them around your plants. It doesn't matter how many times you do this, going in bigger circles as you go around your plants. The rewards for you throwing such things away into your garden areas is trememdous.

For those of you with "family food plots" throw out your egg shells into that as well. The shells will act like small amounts of lime, and over the years will bring you the added benefits as you just step them into your soil in your daily walks through your garden.

When I visited my mother and step father last month, I took a moment to check their garden plot out....yep there they were, egg shells, tea bags, banana peels, letuce leaves, and cut offs from cellery tops, and some leaves that they ended up raking up last fall. All just scattered about for when they get out the tiller for spring planting. Not enough material now from just the two of them for a normal compost pile, but there it was, ready for tilling in just the same.

TIP/WARNING: do NOT put your grass clippings into such will get as much or more grass weeds than crops...LOL...No one wants to spend that much time weeding.

Good luck starting new gardens, whether for flowers or food! Once the soil is just right, not much can resist growing into "talk-o-the-town" beds.