Grow Lights for my seedlings?

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Grow Lights for my seedlings?
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 11:22am
Hi again,

I'm in need of suggestions for inexpensive lighting to help my seedlings grow. I've read that flourescent light bulbs are good for starting seeds. Is this true? And if so, can they be brought from Home Depot or my local Nursery?

Once I get the lights, how many inches away from the peat pots should the bulb be placed? How many hours each day should the bulb be on?

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 2:00pm
I am so glad that I became a cl for this board! I am so glad to pass along lessons that I've learned and lived through my life.

Now onto your question.....(a growing up lesson passed along to you)

(1) Yes..the lights and bulbs can be the cheap shop light type florousent type from Lowes, wal-mart, K mart type stores.

(2) Amount of space needed between light and can start out with the lights as close as 6 inches, but have the chains set up so you can raise them as your plants grow.

(3) If you have enough space, you can do as my parrents did, devoting almost an entire room to starting plants, starting at the floor, and working with shelves, went to the ceiling with 4 sets of shelves, bottom to top, and lights between each shelf. Shucks, we had lettuce, radishes, and leeks year round...yes outside in the gardens during the spring and early summer, but one shelf area was devoted to such plants at our home for most of every year.