Almost NO CARE ground covers

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Almost NO CARE ground covers
Sun, 04-13-2003 - 12:36pm
So, you want a ground cover that can take weather changes, and even a small amount of accidental stepping on?

Any of the variety of PHLOX will do such for you. They come with white to purple flowers, and if fed a bit during late winter, will give you a blanket of color from early spring through early summer, then return to a deep green, and their growth is limited to about 6 inches including the flower stalks.

Now, a hint to fill an area would be to plant in ^v^v^ shape, where each plant on each point is about a foot apart, yet about a foot from the other plants as well. This will give you the quickest fill, protect each other's roots from both freeze and summer heat, and shucks,,,you can mix the colors as well for a meandering color shade boarder/ground cover.

I hope this answer's questions from those requesting's just to bad that they don't bloom all year long though. You could plant them in such a way that you could put in some sort of perrenial or annuals between them occasionally for a mid summer's spark of color.