some lawn questions........m

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some lawn questions........m
Mon, 04-14-2003 - 8:44am
we seeded our lawn last summer and while it has come in, for the most part, it seems to be a little patchy in spots. We did add more top soil and reseeded at the end of the fall and winterized it.

What can we do to make the lawn more lush, more vibrant green? Also, what is the best time of day to cut the grass? Should we rake leaves off the grass before cutting? (we are zone 5 and the lawn gets, for the most part, full sun.)


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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 10:02am
Welcome shell_4226.mum!

Getting greener, more lush grass....A variety mix of seed is best for year round deep green. Since you have a "new lawn", you will need to fertilize it with a commercial fertilizer as per directions as well for the first 3 will notice the difference real soon, but full results will take that long. Additionally, do what's called (over seading) each fall, where you go back over the entire lawn with additional seed, set to spread at 1/3 the called for drop rate. This for the three years also.

Now, to get that lawn green to sparkle for you will cost money...but you could do a miracle grow watering every two weeks this will notice a BIG difference each time you do it.

Mow with a very sharp blade, in the evening, then water the next morning. Also, never cut your grass the same day it rains, nor more than one third of it's total height.

As for leaves....mulch blade, and let them go through the mower lawn food for the next year, but in the fall, rake them up to keep for flower beds.

Never mow a wet lawn, and never water immediately after mowing...wait to water until the next morning.