Blooms all summer????

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Blooms all summer????
Sun, 07-20-2008 - 11:55pm

We're in the Boston area and I have lots of HUGE pots on our back deck.



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Sun, 07-27-2008 - 4:54pm

Sounds like you have a good selection already.

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Sun, 07-27-2008 - 5:51pm

Hello there!

I think bulbs are pretty easy - of course I could say that about any of the perenials in my yard right now. Because of BP problems my doc has told me to lay off of the yard work for this year until I'm finished with my pregnancy - so everything is covered in weeds right now - ut all my flowers are blooming - and DH hasn't bothered to water for me either so they are doing fine all on there own! I can hardly believe it. My balloon flowers are blooming, the phlox is blooming, and so are my roses. In fact one of my rose bushes has shot up so tall this year - it is amazing!!! I think if you do the bulbs though - which there are plenty of ones you can plant this fall will give you a wonderful, and easy display for the following spring. Then in the spring you can plant your summer blooming bulbs to continue the color through to the fall.

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Tue, 07-29-2008 - 2:50pm

I just bought some lantana, which come in lots of gorgeous colors and do great in sun. They spread and are pendulous from containers. I have had them formerly but skipped it this spring.

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