Not sure if someone can help..maple tree

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Not sure if someone can help..maple tree
Sun, 08-24-2008 - 3:10pm

I'm not sure if someone on here will be able to help or not, but I couldn't find any other board to post this question on (please clue me in, if you know of one)...

We planted a maple tree last summer in our backyard and it was doing fine up until last week.

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Sun, 08-24-2008 - 8:39pm

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Fri, 08-29-2008 - 1:48am
Newly planted trees need at least one inch of water once a week for the first couple of years. If it has not received enough water so far, you may have done it some damage. But Maples are pretty tough. If you now keep it watered for the next couple seasons, you may be able to save it.


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