Freezing sweet peppers?

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Freezing sweet peppers?
Mon, 09-29-2008 - 7:39pm

Went out to look at my decimated pot garden.

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Tue, 09-30-2008 - 2:09am

I don't use sweet peppers, just hot peppers, but all I do is cut into small pieces and freeze on a cookie sheet. Then I pop them in a freezer bag or seal them in the vacuum sealer. I like freezing on a cookie sheet so that they do not freeze together in one big lump.

My mom does use sweet peppers and that is always how she did it. No blanching!


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Sat, 10-18-2008 - 10:31pm
I have frozen sweet peppers a for a number of years and have never blanched them. I cut them in half scoop out the seeds and


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Thu, 10-23-2008 - 12:10am

I have cut peppers into strips and frozen them in plastic containers.

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