Are you a Locavore? Want to be one?

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Are you a Locavore? Want to be one?
Mon, 12-22-2008 - 11:17am

What do you think of the concept?

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Mon, 12-22-2008 - 12:02pm
While I always try to buy local, I'm not a true locavore buying/consuming only locally grown/produced products.

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Mon, 12-22-2008 - 2:55pm

I try to buy local foods and products. And I most certainlly support small local businesses over massive chains, however there are alot of other factors that will weigh almost equally in my mind with local, so it depends on the item and place.

I would love to have everything I want to buy (at the price I can afford) be from local venders, however that isn't about to happen. So I do what I can when I am able, and hope for the best.

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~ Rain   
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Tue, 12-23-2008 - 6:30am

Given the climate where I live, it's nigh on to impossible to be a locavore nine months out of the year. There are farmer's markets and roadside stands in summer, so generally in late summer one can find locally grown veggies. And I do try to grow some of my own vegetables as well (although I don't have nearly the success I did when we lived in California: less space, shorter growing season and totally unreliable weather). But once autumn hits, it's buy imported ... from warmer climes inside the US or even further south.

So while I think the concept is grand, I also think it's impossible to adhere to.

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Sun, 12-28-2008 - 2:28am

I try to stick to being a locavore as much as I can; sadly there are products that are only available as imports (cheeses, butter ~ thankfully I don't use too much of these).