What is your favorite theme?

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What is your favorite theme?
Sat, 03-14-2009 - 5:41pm

What theme do you prefer?



Formal Garden



Cottage Garden


I'd have to say I lean towards Woodland, Mediterranean, and Desert look but with a water feature within.


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Sun, 03-15-2009 - 10:14am
Woodland Naturalistic


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Mon, 03-16-2009 - 1:11pm

Woodland or Naturalistic

I like things to be easy and informal.

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Mon, 03-16-2009 - 4:06pm

I would say woodland and naturalistic.


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Mon, 03-16-2009 - 7:21pm

I guess I'd have to say some combination of the above! DH is teh garden planner here and he is majorly into hostas (so there's a shade garden/woodland/naturalistic garden) and daylilies (so there are formal beds) but several of the other beds are more cottage garden in nature. And we live on a lake so waterside came with the house! LOL

We don't have desert/Mediterranean (too wet here) and we don't have grass (his daylilies have taken over) but ...

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Mon, 03-23-2009 - 3:34pm

I love the woodland look however I'm stuck in the desert aka Florida. Our dirt here isnt dirt at all its sand which makes it very hard to grow anything & the sun is so hot even plants that require full sun wilt & die because its too hot.
I sure wish I lived in a country area that had nice rich black dirt :)

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