Rhododendron help??

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Rhododendron help??
Fri, 08-14-2009 - 9:44pm

Let me start off by saying that I know next to nothing about gardening...

I live in Oklahoma. I bought a rhododendron because I thought it looked pretty, dug a hole in the ground, and planted it. The nursery people told me that this was NOT what I was supposed to do. So, according to their recommendations, I dug a large hole - mixed, fine pine, peat moss, and pecan hulls with the existing soil - filled the hole back up - sat the rhododendron bulb on top of the soil - and then built up to it using what I had left. At that time, it was getting morning sun from about 9am-3pm.

Soon, the leaves started to turn brown. So, I moved it to almost full shade (same soil, good drainage, etc.). It had some new growth, but eventually the leaves starting turning brown again. Now, it has only about 3 green leaves left. Is it beyond resuscitation? Any ideas??

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Tue, 08-18-2009 - 1:10am

I don't know what is causing your Rhododendron leaves to dry up. But I do know that Rhododendrons like full sun, a rich well drained acidic soil, and even moisture.

And when transplanting it, It is important to keep the top of the root ball even with the surface of the soil. I believe you were trying to explain that is how you planted it.



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