Wallpaper removal is a nightmare

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Wallpaper removal is a nightmare
Wed, 04-02-2008 - 7:47pm
At least it's rewarding to see it coming down lol but what a pain!



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Thu, 04-03-2008 - 12:24am

ROFL! Try contact paper that is 30 years old.

The previous owners of our home used contact paper all over the walls in our bathroom, LOL. When we tried to remove it part of the drywall came off with it.

I feel your pain, we removed wallpaper in

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Thu, 04-24-2008 - 10:25pm

WTG on the progress you are making in the kitchen! I'm doing the same thing in our living room except our paper was so old that it just almost fell off the walls. Now, I'm using a wallpaper paste remover that you spray on let sit 20 minutes and then wipe off. It's so much easier than I thought it was going to be. It's just time consuming.

Good luck getting it done! I know it will look great when you are finished.