Create the Perfect Country Kitchen!

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Create the Perfect Country Kitchen!
Fri, 09-26-2008 - 6:35pm
Creating a warm, inviting mood to bring out the charm and romance of a Country Kitchen involves more than just choosing a few choice decorative accessories. Whether your kitchen is tiny or spacious, the first impression upon entering the room is going to be the dominant color.

If you are able to paint the walls, a very light, cheerful yellow will give a sunny glow to the room. Using a primitive stenciled or a wallpaper border helps to say “countrified”. Yellow and French blue (a blue that has a blue-purple cast) are traditional Country French colors. Blue glass or amber glass accents, blue tiles, blue and white canister sets, dishtowels and potholders and sunny, yellow sunflower prints would be perfect accessories.

If you must leave the walls white and your appliances are also white, a bold splash of color and the coordination of your accessories will be the important things. A good way to start would be to find an entire line of accessories in one set of colors or one theme, like roosters, berries or apples. Then add different accents, still blending in with your basic color scheme, to achieve visual variety.

For instance, let’s say you choose a line of red decorative accessories. A cheery set of red strawberry canisters and a red-themed cookie jar will be “countertop charmers”. To complement red and white fruit placemats, use a solid red or a red check tablecloth and add red napkins. A nice centerpiece could be a red glass bowl holding fresh flowers. For a party, use white candleholders with red candlesticks.

A “Strawberry Pie” candle, wafting a delectable strawberry scent is fun for a countertop. Different sized red glass bottles on the kitchen windowsill, utensils with red handles, red cushions on your chairs, a rag rug with red, tan, pink and white colors would work well. You can mix and match as long as you stay with your basic color, but don’t choose too many conflicting patterns.

If you’d like to use blue for your basic color scheme, this color speaks of old-world charm particularly when used with mellow yellows. Rich, strong blues bring to mind the wonderful tiles in European kitchens. In Claude Monet’s country estate in Giverny (north of Paris) multi-patterned blue and white tiles line the wall behind the huge, black stove. Blue and white check curtains billow in breezes from the nearby window. In the adjacent dining room, the long dining table, with 12-14 yellow-painted chairs, has a yellow tablecloth and is set with blue and white dishes, with blue flowers in little vases. Another set of Monet’s favorite dishes was bright yellow edged in deep blue. Truly stunning! Truly Country.

Use green in lush, leafy potted plants—they give off oxygen, make your kitchen beautiful and will fit right in with your color scheme. If your main accent theme is red, green will intensify this color because green is the “complementary” color. (It’s opposite red on the color wheel). Green is the combination of the primary colors yellow and blue, so it will harmonize with a yellow and blue color scheme, too.

Coordinate the colors of your cooking/serving apron, potholders and oven mitts—they should match and complement the colors you are featuring in your country kitchen. After all, you are the star of the room---don’t forget to dress the part!

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