QOTW? Bedroom or Bathroom vanity?

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QOTW? Bedroom or Bathroom vanity?
Mon, 07-19-2010 - 11:39pm

Do you have a vanity in your bedroom or bath? A place to sit and put on make-up or do your hair?

I have a old walnut

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Tue, 07-20-2010 - 12:55am

I dn't do makeup so...

the bathroom mirror over the sink suffices for hair

and while I do have a magnifying mirror, I mainly use it for removel of those stray facial hairs that appear post-menopause! It also helps when I remember to put in the Lacrisert in my eyes to counteract dry eye (I usually forget). I sit on teh toilet seat to do both of these...

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Thu, 08-05-2010 - 8:01am

Very interesting! I think if I had a large master bedroom, a vanity would be nice. Very glamorous. But then I think, where would I plug in all of my hair tools? And, also I'd want to keep it looking pretty...not covered with all of those make up bottles, jars, etc.